Products and Books I Love!

The products listed below are some of my favorite products and books that I typically recommend for my clients and students. As a heads up, I may earn a commission on products purchased using some links, but this does not affect the price you pay.

Also note that San Diego County residents are eligible for free bands and a weighted ball. If you are a San Diego County resident, call 858-495-5500 and leave your name and address.

I’ve used numerous bands over the years and I like these the best. They have a good “feel” when stretched. At 5 feet long x 4 inches wide, they are a good length to include many exercises for both upper and lower body.

These bands are a step up from the lighter resistance bands. They are for a more advanced strength level. As with the beginner set, they have a good “feel” when stretched. They are non-latex, good for those with latex sensitivities. The blue, black, and silver bands are suitable for those experienced with band exercises. Remember, body position is important!

These hand-held, ball shaped weights are useful in balance training and core awareness exercises. The diameter is a standard 4.5” regardless of the weight. In our live classes, we use a 2-pound. ball. I encourage students, as they continue with my classes, to gradually increase the ball weight to allow for training adaptations to continue. We use these balls during the balance and core awareness section of class. These balls come with a guide that demonstrates exercises for a variety of applications.

This back pillow supports the lumbar spine when sitting. I recommend it to all my clients whether they are experiencing back pain or not.

If you are going to work out at home, having dumbbells is a great choice. These weights are neoprene coated which makes gripping them a bit easier. If you work out in my classes, you will learn a variety of ways to use these weights in a safe and effective manner.

Recommended reading

The following books focus on the joy that living an active life can bring. This list is by no means exhaustive, but they are books that support my message to you that everyone deserves to live an active life that fits who they are.

If you are just beginning to think about how physical activity can be a part of your life, this book will help you begin to think about how an active life can fit who you are and where you are in your life stage.

The Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal

This book goes into the research supporting the notion that physical activity can bring happiness, hope, connection, and courage into one’s life. The research is fascinating, and it demonstrates how exercise can be a source of joy rather than a miserable chore.

Keep it Moving by Twyla Tharp

What I love about this book is the focus on aging with purpose. The author, Twyla Tharp, believes attitude, combined with physical movement, help bring meaning into life. She believes physical activity belongs to everyone and that aging is not a barrier to movement.

No Sweat by Michelle Segar

Have you found yourself thinking that you have no motivation to change? This book gives a refreshing new look at the science of motivation along with strategies for lasting change.

Coach Yourself Thin

This is one of the best books I have read regarding weight management. What I like about it is it helps the reader gain awareness of their thoughts, which in my opinion, is the foundation for positive change.

Crooked by Catherine Jakobson Ramin

This book is an exhaustive review of the current status of the back pain industry and how we, as patients, have been led to believe treating the symptoms will cure the cause. The author presents data suggesting this is false. Her own back pain journey led to the writing of this book.

Back Mechanic

Dr. McGill, a spine biomechanist, has finally written a book for us consumers. Learn simple techniques that you can do to pinpoint the cause and correction for your back pain. His methods are research based and truly effective.