Off the Couch

Off the Couch in 2019Has a doctor told you or someone you know to exercise? Are you an exercise dropout? Off the Couch helps you:

  • Make goals that meet you where you are,
  • Learn how to be active within your own comfort level,
  • Discover activities that work for you.

Whether you are learning to self-manage an active lifestyle, or have a friend or client in need of a “playbook”, Off the Couch is your companion to a new active lifestyle. You don’t have to do this alone. You can be successful where you have failed in the past.

Throughout this book, you’ll feel at times that Melissa is your teacher, other times your coach, but always your friend. Prepare to learn, laugh, and have fun…” –Kim Acedo, MS, CHWC, Wellness Coach for Women in their 50’s

Available in paperback, audiobook, and eBook editions, from:

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If you bought the eBook, or need extra worksheets, please click here to download a PDF package of the forms.