I lead evidence-based coaching programs on fitness, strength training, and fall prevention for older adults.

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 Hi, I’m Melissa

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years and here is what I know for sure: lasting success is an inside job; the best education or advice cannot create change for someone else. I’ve seen too many people try and fail with exercise. I had to ask myself, “How can I empower people to live an active life that sticks?

Thankfully, I found health coaching. 

I develop programs that help create change from the inside out. Your members will gain clarity and self-acceptance as they discover their platform and foundation for living an active life.


How to Stay Active and Connected While We Shelter in Place

How to Stay Active and Connected While We Shelter in Place

“The public should avoid gatherings larger than 10 people.”  This is the latest advice to protect ourselves from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Or, if you live in California like me, the latest orders are to stay home. I am sitting at my home desk realizing that I cannot...

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